CIPP is used to rehabilitate existing sewer pipelines by lining the walls of the existing pipe with an epoxy resin tube.
During the renovation process, the liner is soaked in resin and then inserted into the defective pipe using pressurised air or water. This completely lines the inside of the pipe and eliminates any existing or potential damage. Curing creates a completely new, watertight pipe within the old one.
Roto Rooter® CIPP Liner is a "no dig" sewer rehabilitation system for repairing damaged drains and sewers without the need to carry out disruptive excavations.
Developed specifically for the rehabilitation of pipes in diameters from dn 50 to dn 250 and offers many advantages compared to traditional rehabilitation.


Eco-Friendly Pipe Relining Choice

The dried resin and lining have been certified to be environmentally friendly by the German Institute for the Environment and Hygiene making it perfect for sensitive areas such as near streams and rivers. The specially designed lining product can be hot cured and set in place in as little as 2 to 3 hours. Roto Rooter's® No dig pipe relining provides a quick and cost-effective solution to damaged pipes especially in areas where digging up the pipe would cause extensive damage to buildings, fences, roads, infrastructures, driveways, trees and gardens.