Finding the cause of a blocked or broken pipe can be an exceedingly frustrating endeavor. Due to the remote nature involved with inspecting problems that occur in pipelines, it is simply not always feasible to conduct a human inspection.

Fortunately there are solutions for these types of situations. Through the use of advanced pipeline technology, Roto Rooter is able to conduct remote inspections in nearly any type of pipe.

How do CCTV Inspections work?

  1. Call Roto Rooter on 011 444 4040 or Whatsapp 082 444 4040 to arrange a CCTV Inspection.
  2. Our qualified team will arrive as arranged and discuss your naughty drain.
  3. Roto Rooter team will use one of our most reliable and suitable equipment for you drain.
  4. CCTV Inspection Camera will produce & record real time video of the condition of your drain and show if there are blockages or damages.
  5. Our Roto Rooter team will provide you with a report of your drain, including recommendations.
  6. Depending on the findings we will be able to assist you immediately or arrange a different day to assist you.

CCTV Inspections can identify causes and extent of:-

  • Any sort of blockages
  • Corrosion
  • Debris
  • Evidence of poor installations
  • Leaks
  • Overgrown or blocked tree roots

Where CCTV Inspections can be used:

  • Pipes
  • Air conditioning Systems
  • Cable Pits
  • Power station Lines
  • Filtering Units
  • Underground Cavities
  • Pre-adoption inspections of new pipe lines
  • Rehabilitation prioritization of pipe networks
  • Mapping of pipe networks
  • Vertical borehole inspections including penstock inlets
  • Internal inspection of various tanks, reservoirs and vessels
  • Sink hole exploration
  • Post maintenance inspections of steam pipes for power generators
  • Pre and post rehabilitation of sewer, water, effluent and storm water pipes

Range of equipment used for our CCTV Inspections.